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We often make choices but how often do we make decisions?

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

I had the chance recently to attend a talk by philosopher and author, Charles Pépin, on what is means to make a good decision. For Pépin, to choose is to know before acting, to decide is to act before knowing.

We make choices every day - rational assessments, little risk, based on logic and facts, choosing from knowns. To decide requires courage and motivation to follow our decision despite incertitude, relying on trying to understand ourselves, what we need, desire, sense, believe is best, and to accept if we make a mistake, that we can learn, adapt and move forward.

For Pépin, to decide is to embrace our freedom – yet it can be daunting for anyone.

To make a significant change in our professional life or career, we need to make decisions, not simply choose from options - to dare to go beyond our comfort zone, to trust ourselves, and have strength to pursue our goals despite the uncertainty.

As a coach, I work from the premise that the client is the best expert on themselves. The coaching process is there to help build the clarity, courage and commitment needed to make transformative decisions and pursue them with confidence, conviction, and serenity in the face of ambiguity.

Do you dare to decide?

Check out this and more in “Self-Confidence” by Charles Pépin.

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