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Why Change Coaching? Because change is what coaching is really all about...

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

There are many known benefits to coaching. Research shows that it helps people to better establish their goals, undertake concrete actions to achieve their aims, be overall more self-reliant, responsible, and accountable, improve professional and personal dynamics, and experience more satisfaction with work and life in general.

All of this is achieved through making changes to how we view and approach our work, our lives- and ultimately stimulate deeper transformation within ourselves.

This is the reason that the premise - and the promise - of coaching is fundamentally about creating and achieving change – as that is what essentially lies at the heart of any effective coaching process, whatever the goal, method, or context. Although it may sound simple, we know that effecting real, significant, long-term change in our lives and within ourselves can be complex – too often a boulder we push uphill only to fall back to where we started time and time again.

This is where working with a coach can help build the right conditions, focus, accountability, and support base to achieve real, sustainable change in the long-term. Frequently this is expressed in more ambitious terms of enabling people to reach their full potential or become their best selves. And yes, coaching can certainly be a catalyst to facilitate that journey – and whilst there may be aha! moments – coaching is not meant as a fast-track or magic wand. Rather, through consciously entering into an ongoing process of self-evaluation and actions for improvement, step by step purposeful changes can be made incrementally towards achieving professional and personal aspirations.

It is the role of the coach to help facilitate the process to enhance self-awareness, gain clarity, encourage creativity, boost motivation, and inspire results that bring about change, where each action is an achievement towards a longer-term goal. Importantly, it is the consistency of this process that stimulates deeper shifts in mindset that foster personal growth and set a person on the path towards living a more fulfilling, confident, and intentional professional and personal life.

Creating consistent, small changes can make a big difference to the pattern of our thoughts, our feelings, and our behaviours, and this is when true, lasting transformation occurs. Herein lies the opportunity to harness one’s own potential as each achievement helps to embed a new outlook that will continue to positively impact a person's approach to work and life long after coaching is done.

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